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New site launched

Visit our new site

We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new site dedicated to the indoor navigation technology services offered by Source Corp.

Did you know that 75% of consumers like to use mobile apps while shopping?

Our Indoor Navigation mobile app helps businesses deliver optimal customer experience in-store by helping shoppers save time on finding the products they need and providing access to all relevant coupons and promotions in one place. Based on a patented Beacon configuration, our app guides customers to products or stores in shopping malls, offering personalized promotions, coupons, and deals on the way.

Does your organization operate in a consumer-facing sector? Then you need to keep up with the latest technologies.

Find out more about the game-changing indoor navigation solution on our site:

We’re happy to share a brand new site dedicated to one of the most in-demand services – indoor navigation technologies. Check it out to see how our app can revolutionize retail.