Software Development Company

We develop software in following technologies:

java Java
Oracle Oracle
Microsoft Microsoft
Android | iOS | Windows Mobile Android | iOS | Windows Mobile
PHP, HTML5 / CSS4 / Java script PHP HTML5 CSS4 Java script
Anaplan Anaplan

How do we work with our customers?

We deliver software, business solution in:

Fixed bid projects in Waterfall methodology
- where we price a project base on requirements.

Time base projects in Agile methodology - where customer monitors progress of the work every week; the price is calculated based on software development hours.

We deliver developers:

- On site - to customer office.
- Off site - developers work from our office.
Developers are managed by ether your customer project manager
We deliver Whole project team capable to develop and the end software.
- On site - to customer office.
- Off site - developers work from our office.

We hire only the best Polish and Central European developers, programmers, architects, and project managers. With this in mind we offer best quality service, similar business and cultural approach to Western Europe and US, and perfect time zones with.

Motto: We develop quality, software you do business.

We also developed boxed software ready to install.


7R - Supplies automatic calculation for your logistic

In accordance with name of the system, ensures accessibility of appropriate product in right quantity, right time, right quality, right place and right client in a  right price.

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Imagine that you come back home. The house wakes up to life with a one touch on the panel, the curtains open up. Your coffee machine makes you a cup of coffee and your best music reaches your ears. In the living room, with one movement of of your hand you switch the panel to activate the home theater projector or TV and sound system adapts to you. This is how Harmony works, the system which is the heart of an intelligent home.

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Hospital Manager

Hospital Manager - Hospital Management System

Computer aided hospital planing and management, aided everyday hospital running, aided hospital management, aided scientific and educative process, patient registration and admission process rationalization, Full control on admited patients number and incomes.

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Master Facility Managament

Master Facility Managament (MFM)

Master Facility Management (MFM) is designed for both large companies with extensive infrastructure, social, technical, communication and transport, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses with a low spectrum of action.

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Rulexus is a brand of systems that are responsible for research, monitoring and paying the costs of creating space in the organization. A direct impact on the company's finances appear on the first day of implementation.

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Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Registration of warehouse operations, inspection of goods, control of stored materials. Easy to use admissions - supplying of the materials taken with the bar code, recognized by the system, the possibility of assigning it to an appropriate order. The system is composed in such a way as to be able to work in any environment with our customers.

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