Reporting Methodology

  • Identifying Subject Areas
  • Finding Data Columns
  • Analyzing Custom Objects
  • Designing Your Report

Formatting Tables

  • Column Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Using Images

Working With Pivot Tables

  • Adding Totals and Relative Values
  • Adding Duplicate Columns

Using Advanced Layout Views

  • Column Selectors
  • Gauge Views
  • Adding a Legend
  • Using a Narrative View

Using Filters

  • Filtering with SQL Expressions
  • Using Variables
  • Filtering Based on Results of Another Analysis

Combining Reports with Set Operations

Defining Column Filter Prompts

  • When to Use Prompts
  • Date Range Prompts

Column Formulas and Conditional Expressions

  • Where to Apply Formulas
  • Creating Mathematical Formulas

Date and Time Formulas

  • Types of Date Formulas
  • Rolling Date Filters
  • Using Session Variables

Conditional Values

  • Using CASE Statements
  • Applying Aggregation Rules

Navigating Users to Analyses

  • Defining Drill-Down Paths
  • Creating a Web Link field