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Source International Corp. offers you complex care for implemented IT solutions in the form of warranty and post-warranty services. Complex care services include activities designed for maintenance of defined functions ensuring permanent system work, depending on concluded agreement, including e.g.:

  • perform modernization of system software,
  • response in case of failure in accordance with resolutions - examples below,
  • help with system operation with established form of contact (fixed-line telephone or cell phone, fax, e-mail, registration form on website, dedicated on-line application - virtual assistant),
  • technical consultancy and help with planning of IT system development according to company needs and market trends,
  • possibilities and requirements of complex care continuation after guarantee period.

We lead complex care services of the most often used solutions in everyday support in working hours from Monday to Friday, excluding days off regulated by law.

In case of system failure we initiate fixing the problem immediately, after receiving report from user, according to established speed of reaction, e.g.:

Importance/Type of reportType of report descriptionConfirmation time of acceptance of reportTime of failure removal
CriticalSystem prevents management of users basic activities30 min 4 hours
MajorHampered management activities on system - > 50 Users, however they don't block performance of basic operations 2 hours 8 hours
MinorOther cases 8 hours2 days

With the ProSupport service it is possible to expand basic package with optional service models for IT sections, mobile and office workers, etc. ProSupport for IT can include chosen systems and servers.