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Warehouse operations registration

  • Acceptance of the goods, the choice of place of storage, storage of goods.
  • The transfer between the warehouses or within the same warehouse.
  • Issue of the product to the factory, the acceptance for production, withdrawal of unused material to the storage.

Control of manufactured products

  • The choice of packaging.
  • Packaging of finished products.
  • Control of the quantity of goods in the package.
  • Sending of packaged materials to clients with the FIFO principle.
  • Maintaining the database of information on the procurement of materials (type of goods, quantity, etc.).

Control of stored materials (type, quantity, place of storage / 'in transport' status, order, the date of receipt of the goods):

  • materials issued for production halls, the order of admissions and donations,
  • final products (type, quantity, status of the QA, the time of admission to release, etc..)
  • containers, in which the final products are packaged.

Easy to use admissions - supplying of the materials taken with the bar code, recognized by the system, the possibility of assigning it to an appropriate order.

Place of storage management - maintaining of the actual inventory state in line with the one appearing in the system.

Maintaining the principle of FIFO for both products and materials issued from Coroplastu warehouses to the production halls. Indication, which lot is the oldest one.

Allowing withdrawal of scrap materials from the factory to the warehouse with a FIFO queue.

Defining the packaging for certain products for specific customers.

Control over the packaging of the finished product.

Maintaining the principle of FIFO in a dispatch warehouse (where the already packed products are delivered).

System architecture

The system is composed in such a way as to be able to work in any environment with our customers. Depending on what is your infrastructure, we tailor the implementation of the WMS to work in your environment.

The base of the system is the central application server (the computer / server), which supports the whole system.

This can be any application server supporting J2EE ranging from commercial.: Sun - Java Application Server, IBM - WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle - OC4J, SAP - NetWeaver, to the other open source applications - JBoss, Tomkat.

Application Server is connected to the database, which dates back during the operation. Source WMS works with any database platform ranging from commercial.: ORACLE, SAP, IBM - DB2, Microsoft - MS SQL, or open source MySQL, Postgre.

Applications - where the user is operating are available in several media:

  • Any computer on the Intranet / Internet via the browser. This solution allows for flexible management of your inventory without installing software on computers, which can be cumbersome. Access is granted with the administration username and password.
  • Applications on portable bar code scanners, working together with the system, where the bar code is placed into the system or scanned automatically.
  • Portable digital assistants and other PDA devices.

The system can connect electronic devices that work with WMS such as RF readers, tapes, weights, packagers, code printers, etc.