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The system automatically distinguishes between private calls from business, sorts them for each user, then measures, showing the cost, length and phone number dialed.

As a result, the employer is able to monitor the call and see what connections are business and which are private.

Rulexus Phone Billing Monitoring System is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for corporations with a large number of staff and distributed organization.

It can be administered from one location or individually for each region.

The database is located centrally for the whole company. RULEXUS is designed in such a way as to facilitate the monitoring of telephone calls of each type in each type of enterprise, regardless of the number of locations, the amount of traffic or the number of users.

With the Rulexus'a it is possible to assign users to groups (divisions, departments, etc.), the designated person can be given access to reports generated in accordance with the individual criteria used to make the settlement of members telephone conversations.


RULEXUS Phone Billing Monitoring System integrates with any system of mobile, fixed-type Hybrid, VoIP by downloading them from the data on calls made by RULEXUS Loader.

RULEXUS Phone Billing Monitoring System is a system which can process millions or even tens of millions of conversations with extraordinary speed.

Phone Billing Monitoring System - Functionality

  • automatic distinction between private and business calls,
  • integration with any system of mobile, land lines, VoIP,
  • there is no need to install specialized software on computers - access to RULEXUS Phone Billing Monitoring System takes place via a web browser such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Phone Billing Monitoring System - Benefits for Manager

  • monitoring of calls (private / business),
  • time saving on billing analysis,
  • individual reporting, as defined by the filter (per section for the person, within a specified time, calls for the guidelines, whether private or business discussions etc..)
  • analysis of the effectiveness of carried out marketing campaigns,
  • facilitated costs planning.

Phone Billing Monitoring System - Benefits for Administrator

  • loading data from any source of traffic data through a "RULEXUS Loader"
  • administration via a web browser,
  • scalability of the system,
  • unlimited number of users.

Phone Billing Monitoring System - Benefits for users

  • low cost of phone calls at the company rates,
  • analysis of private and business calls,
  • report on the cost and duration of conversations.