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Master Facility Management (MFM) is designed for both large companies with extensive infrastructure, social, technical, communication and transport, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses with a low spectrum of action.

The primary task of the platform is to improve your business process management. After a few months after the implementation of the system you will perceive the decreasing costs of operation of all equipment and increase in the efficiency of used resources.The platform will provide continuous access to detailed information on the current state of equipment, indicate their location, and a description of the individual components.

Master Facility Management (MFM) - is a modern, integrated system of support for Facilities Management in all, including the technical areas - from planning and implementation through the control and administration.


Master Facility Management (MFM) is a management platform that provides integrated solution that allows you to control the operation of each component of the enterprise, regardless of whether it is a body whose activities include real estate, engineering, environmental protection, as well as any practices that create, modify and administer all of its components.


  • SITE MODEL: allows for a logical division of the whole system (whole company) by the physical and logical hierarchy (the area, sub-area, sub-sub-area), which contains all the resources of the company.
  • DATA MODEL: defines all the parameters of individual stocks.
  • USER INTERFACE - using simple masks gives you visual - in the 3D - information on individual items.

More information on the Master Facility Management (MFM) and its role in facilitating the management company can be found here