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As a result of advances made in information technology, telecommunications and electronics, advanced technologies have entered the canon of modern construction. Professionally designed, constructed and managed infrastructure of the building creates a safe and comfortable working environment for users of the facility, where the expectations in this area is constantly growing. The diversity of the necessary installations, which are responsible for safety and proper functioning of modern facilities, requires the implementation of an integrated building management system - BMS (Building Management System) or HMS (Home Management System).

Harmony Series is available in three versions:

  • Harmony Commercial,
  • Harmony Home,
  • Harmony Factory Line.

In one place, the user performs any operations on his equipment, everything is "at hand". Each activity is visible on the control panels, you see everything you currently do using the Harmony.

touch panel

There are a lot of ways to control the Harmony:

  • elegant touch panel,
  • voice control,
  • by telephone,
  • as well as SMS, Email, Internet web browser or, alternatively, using switches and other controls - any way of management is achievable.

Harmony is able to perform desired strings of actions, for example:

At the command "leave Harmony" - the system will check if there are other household members at home, if not, it will switch off all lights, TV, radio, iron, or oven and then will set the alarm and notify us by email or sms that the house / office is secured, sealed, and the alarm activated.

Harmony automatically determines the comfort of living in the building and automatically manages devices, such as:

If it is hot and sunny day, we are not home, the air conditioning is off, the system will cover the blinds so the premises won't get too hot inside.

Harmony will care about the treatment of each individual user, such as:

If a child enters the house and stays there by himself the system will not allow to turn on the TV-channel that is inappropriate for children, and after a certain time, for example 1 hour will turns the TV off to evolve daily dose of television for a child, but if an adult enters the house, the system will revise its approach to the channel and time.

You can call the Harmony and find out about the status, for example:

If the day was hot and we're away from home, you can call and ask what is the humidity of the ground in the garden, if Harmony will respond to us like "Its dry" - we can then ask Harmony to water our garden.

Harmony Commercial is a perfect solution aimed at companies involved in the construction and management of modern office buildings, government and business buildings.

The functionality of the system:

  • lighting control,
  • heating control,
  • roller shutters control,
  • control of air-conditioning and temperature,
  • voice communication (issuing voice commands),
  • safety functions,
  • control of windows and doors,
  • sensors (smoke, motion, break-in, etc.),
  • control of audio, video, household appliances.


  • savings (electricity and heat),
  • security,
  • convenience,
  • the possibility of extension,
  • openness of the system,
  • low costs of adaptation,
  • simple programming,
  • it can be operated via the Internet, mobile phone, etc.

In our offer you will also find:

Harmony Home addressed to a wide range of users of modern construction, with particular focus on individual customers.

Harmony Factory Line - for building with the production lines and storage facilities.