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Imagine that you come back home. The house wakes up to life with a one touch on the panel, the curtains open up. Your coffee machine makes you a cup of coffee and your best music reaches your ears. In the living room, with one movement of of your hand you switch the panel to activate the home theater projector or TV and sound system adapts to you. This is how Harmony works, the system which is the heart of an intelligent home.


We offer you the operating system Plug&Play for smart building - Harmony Series - which will ensure full communication and integration between the methods applied in the international systems of information transmission and the devices connected to the system, regardless of the manufacturer (open interface). Thanks to the Plug&Play the system automatically recognizes the type of equipment and resources required by them.

Harmony is a very powerful and technical system.

room view

Here are how the Harmony technology facilitates the daily operations of home maintenance.

Harmony is simple to use, has an intuitive interface, each controlled element is located on the actual appearance of the house (pictures), and not on the outline. Such a solution makes the use of Harmony extremely simple, easy, and above all fun.