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Supplies automatic planning and optimization of logistics distribution system

In accordance with name of the system, ensures accessibility of appropriate product in right quantity, right time, right quality, right place and right client in a right price.

7R - Funcionality

  • organize optimal products flow inside logistic network (factories, warehouses, shops, clients),
  • due to automation and optimization it increases refunds of invested capital,
  • each of system's component parameters can be set according to your business logic.

Supplies value automatic planning (packages automatic planning)

  • sale support - analysis of value and clients order quality,
  • calculation of quantities of products for distribution,
  • safe storage and maintenance of the recipient (removal of the lack of the goods for further distribution / trade, or the possibility of exceeding the industry's storage),
  • rational management of the stock - for example, to maintain the recipient's stock of goods which do not exceed the date of use
  • stock control at recipients warehouse,
  • reduction in supply chain management planning,
  • reduction in storage time and amount of products at the warehouse,
  • reduction in planning time of delivery,
  • reduction of storage time and quantity of goods kept in stock thanks to ability of ad hoc reports generating,
  • case study shows an increase in productivity of workers by about 53%.

Automatic optimization of distribution logistics (logistics processes optimization)

  • warehouse condition minimization,
  • reasonable productivity of warehouse area for planned transport,
  • defining transport units used in transport of individual types of products (crates, cartons, etc.),
  • defining contents of transport units for the sake of products types,
  • automation of products arranging in crates or cartons (with the option of building assorted cartons and pallets),
  • defining loading at transport units thanks to coefficients of value, weight, volume and types of products,
  • 3-D visualization of loading with ability to reflect loading phases,
  • defining transport fleet: types of transport, their parameters according to transport lines,
  • selection of means of transport: quantity, loading manner, term of dispatch,
  • elimination of mistakes in effective packing,
  • elimination of inappropriate use of means of transport,
  • reduction of storage time and quantity of goods kept in stock thanks to ability of ad hoc reports generating.

Automatic optimization of logistics distribution (optimize logistics processes)

  • calculate amount of production,
  • settle terms of production,
  • enables inspection of own stock,
  • elimination of outreaching productive capabilities,
  • clarity of key areas related with production, thanks to ad hoc reports generating,
  • production planning support,
  • elimination of imprecise appointment of production levels.

7R - Benefits

  • financial savings,
  • generates increased income,
  • always well-aimed decisions undertaken by the system,
  • saving up employees time,
  • elimination of inaccuracy,
  • direct and immediate access to information,
  • increased organization flexibility.

7R - Implementing, adventages

  • integration with other systems without any problem,
  • entrance data come from files Excel, Access, txt, databases, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and any other systems type ERP,
  • calculation on the basis of parameters of the procurement and distribution forecasts,
  • system globally visible to all business locations.