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Imagine leaving the busy work behind and freeing up capital and personnel to focus what really matters: the strategic initiatives that bring value to your customers and shareholders.

Imagine an information technology outsourcing partner who can help you save money and improve services. Source Inc. doesn't just take business functions off of your plate, Source improves them.

Outsourcing allows you to save time and money - your company may focus on its core business and does not worry about others, not daily related activities and tasks.
Outsourcing is a management strategy consisting in ordering performance of tasks not related directly with a company’s core business outside (to an external partner); the essence of outsourcing is building strong relations with the client within the frameworks of long-term cooperation.


Advantages of IT outsourcing

- managers can focus on the company’s core business; they do not have to be concerned with non-core tasks;

- reduction of management costs; it is not necessary to maintain a suitably qualified managers’ team responsible for resource management (recruitment, holidays, task assignment);

- flexible pool of resources – composition and size of the team delegated for the client’s needs under outsourcing services may easily change ; for example to increase the number of team members (using a general pool of service provider’s resources), and thus it is possible to commence and perform the project faster. On the other hand, the client does not incur downtime costs when a portfolio of projects is smaller. Also outsourcing is the risk reduction – the service provider has much larger pool of resources, in emergency situations (e.g. employee’s illness), there is always a safe stock of resources; keeping such a pool does not generate any costs on the client’s part;

- access to specialist personnel in a situation when a local specialists’ market has been used up;

- access to the newest technologies and best standards – outsourced companies perceive outsourcing services as their core-business, as they have well developed standards in this area and access to state-of-the-art technologies. Such companies also invest considerably in training building extensive competencies of their employees. Building such a base inside a company with a different business profile would require significant investments;

- higher level of service provision – outsourced companies, unlike in-house department, have to compete, competition in a natural way contributes to raising quality and price attractiveness of services;

- reducing expenditures on infrastructure and support {support} – outsourcing is a way of taking advantage of the most advanced tools (development software, programming environments, servers) and full administration (links, backup copies), without a necessity of increasing costs related to purchasing of expensive licenses and equipment.

Outsourcing we treat as a service model where the client and the contractor become partners. This model allows the supplier to prepare an offer of well thought out and clear service provision models with agreed price. As a result of adopting the above approach and based on the market demand analysis, we offer services in listed below pre-defined outsourcing models:

IT experts

Software Development Team

Software Development Center

We provide services in the offsite / offshore models (at the client’s premises and/or utilizing our infrastructure). Depending on particular needs, our IT experts can work within the structure of task groups managed by client’s representatives or supervised by our Project Managers and controlled by quality and standard compliance processes.

We focus on making the rules of using our services as clear for the clients as possible and we want to ensure that both parties understand mutual expectations in the same way. We have proven procedures related to commissioning provision of particular services, thereby making it is easy and fast to start cooperation. Offshore outsourcing approach allows for reducing costs of projects performance (assuming that labor costs in the service provider’s country are much lower than in the service recipient’s country) and for ensuring sufficient number of qualified specialists, who are not easily available on the local market.

Apart from outsourcing models we offer our services also in other contract implementation models (see Services). We offer outsourcing as offside/offshore services at the customer office or/and at Source utilities. According to customer preferences we adjust the project model: our IT resources work in project teams managed by the customer PM or by the Source PM.


Mostly, works are carried out on the basis of a detail project scope and schedule, whereas the price of services is established in advance. A project performance stage has to be preceded by a planning stage, when the detailed offer is created (the parties specify a detailed list of requirements) based on which the project is carried out.

Source emphasizes this stage considerably, since offer preparation is for us a project itself. During that time, in accordance with the adopted methodology, we plan a given project in detail. Detailed specification and tasks structure is determined, risks are analyzed, resources are planned, and finally time and performance costs are estimated. We do all that in order to minimize the risk of the future project failure and to ensure respective base for obligations fulfillment.

The planning stage results in a detailed offer presented to the customer. Apart from solution concepts it includes a schedule of performance, a detailed cost estimate and, depending on the customer’s preferences, other documents contained in the project plan. it-outsourcing-1

Service provision within a given project is a safe model for the Client, since the price and time of solution delivery is established in advance. it-outsourcing-2

Characteristics of the usually used service model

- project management and performance is our responsibility,

- maximum use of Source competencies in the area of selected processes of work performance and quality control,

- precise specification of the scope done before starting contract performance,

- project carried out in the “fixed price” model – the price is established at the beginning according to the specified scope,

- payments are made in accordance with an established schedule, when completed parts of a given project are accepted,

- in general, works are performed at our offices, however if it is necessary we go the client’s premises immediately,

- possible to apply a combined model – a Source representative is at the customer’s premises and a developers’ team stays at Source’s headquarters; it gives the client the highest degree of clarity as far as project costs and guarantee of performance within specified timeframes are concerned.