Support Service


Source International Corp. offers you complex care for implemented IT solutions in the form of warranty and post-warranty services. Complex care services include activities designed for maintenance of defined functions ensuring permanent system work, depending on concluded agreement, including e.g.:

  • perform modernization of system software,
  • response in case of failure in accordance with resolutions - examples below,
  • help with system operation with established form of contact (fixed-line telephone or cell phone, fax, e-mail, registration form on website, dedicated on-line application - virtual assistant),
  • technical consultancy and help with planning of IT system development according to company needs and market trends,
  • possibilities and requirements of complex care continuation after guarantee period.

Our motto "Find Quality Here" was born from a client's definition, satisfied with cooperation between our companies. Inspired that slogan, used in partnership conversation, we emphasize that IT projects implemented with Source are always successful realization.

Thanks to cooperation with our company, you will save time and money, and your company will have the possibility to focus on core business. Outsourcing with Source is a useful lesson, how to use resources and experience of a company with checked solutions and large market knowledge. You will have the opportunity to save your funds and release of employees not involved in work - Source will provide you knowledge and practice experience. As a long-term partner of an international corporations and large and medium size companies, we understand our clients. We offer professional services, beginning as strategy partner search, technical assistance with implementation, to continual optimization of implemented IT solutions.