In 2008 - 2009 Source International Corp. has spend 800 000,00 PLN on R&D works. Our R&D works have been subjected to protection of industrial ownership.

More and more employers and investors expect from implemented IT solutions not only specific data, but also "intelligent" integration with used systems, integration that will bring rational benefits for employees and employers, with lower costs. People prefer solutions delivered by verified suppliers, which can be proud of good reputation and trust, who have worked out their complex care services for implemented IT solutions and characterize permanent aspiration for better and cheaper products. Smaller companies choose on-line solutions and then find issues with connecttion with administration, data protection and permanent support/technical care on the part of the producer/supplier. On the one hand SME (small and medium enterprises) ask for attractive products in relation to functionality and price, on the other hand it is hard to deliver defined requirements imposed with used IT technologies.

Source aspirations and plans related to the work of R&D in the direction of manufacture of the operating system Plug & Play derived from the special interest of individual clients and business solutions to enable intelligent management of buildings, where intelligence is defined as the possibility of communication in order to make the most rational use of all devices in the connected system control. Intelligent building operates like a living organism that reacts on external stimuli and any user commands. After previous configuration, all of the functions are managed by central steering system or by units dispersed in installation. Devices are interconnected by route - that's why they can communicate with themselves. Each of units contain electronic system that can be programmed. Because of that it is possible to program it depending on results that we want to obtain.

All of systems, which are available on the market, are based on different principals. In practice, they offer similar functions but each of them differ in details and also they force to use defined devices. Our objective is to build systems - one brain that will join together all advantages of all available systems and allow full integration.

Our clients' expectations are very high, especially expectations to the quality of services. Source International Corp. tries to meet these expectations. Many years of experience of working with demanding client, executed analysis and market research allows us to create our own style of work. Source completely adjusts to present market considerations and clients' expectations.

Project goal

Main goal of project is to make more efficient research over technology development concentrated on intelligent systems and intelligent solutions. Essential component of project realization is to obtain status Research and Development Center.

People need luxury and safety, simply put - easiest life possible. Most research on artificial intelligence (AI - Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science department dealing with the construction of machines and algorithms, the operation of which has elements of intelligence) is the construction of such devices or the development of such programs that perform specific tasks, which would meet growing need for human life at a high level in full comfort and safety.

Work on the construction of intelligent solutions, such as artificial intelligence has been conducted for many years. At the beginning it was primitive and very expensive systems. With times the costs related to production were smaller, and knowledge about them became more general. Solutions of""intelligent buildings" or "intelligent houses" are still limited because there are few standards of systems control (EIB, LonWorks, PowerNet, RadioBus, IRDA, etc.) which often characterize high unreliability and reflects minimal sense of security. Domestic market was practically monopolized by systems based on EIB route (European Installation Bus). This technology in the 90's was a revolutionary product used in relation to the partial forms of automation. Availability of this technology was small because of its high price. On the other hand, LonWorks system has a greater reputation in a world of specialists. It is technologically more advanced and more interesting, however it requires a relatively large knowledge in the field of automation.

These days solutions automate only small part of installation and, in these cases, there is no possibility of integration with other systems working in different technologies (freedom of choosing different brands of devices in range of each system). Connection of these systems with module which enables direct communication (conversation type human - machine) would introduce huge turn of AI development. The system will operate in the Plug&Play Convention, which will create the possibility of interchangeability of the flexible devices to each other without having to change the system. Work on such a system will be associated with much research and analysis leading to full integration of the systems.

The implementation of the "House of nature" project implies the creation of two research laboratories in the field of artificial intelligence, ie information technology, automation and robotics, electrical, automation and continuous processes, discrete, analog and microprocessor devices and the automation of monitoring systems, automation, artificial intelligence automation and computer control systems, digital signal processing (speech recognition, speech process-type-to-text), the classification of structures (image recognition, letter, man or machine behavior, health status) and learning machines.

In accordance with the objectives of the project the laboratory will be the first project focused on work related to building automation (intelligent system installation Plug&Play), which is conducting extensive work on using the installation control devices. This work will consist of identifying, defining and taking tests on key issues of modern automation. Particular attention will be paid to the conduct of research and significant bearing on the highly innovative investment solutions, the possibility of full cooperation between devices and systems, as well as the search for alternatives to these simple devices and systems.

The second laboratory will work on the possibility of using a conversation between a man - a device (with the creation of this module waking into account people with special needs, disabilities and the blind). This work will focus on the relationship of the two solutions (already available, although rarely used in our market): voice recognition and chatbot - an additional module for intelligent system that processes the speech to text. Particular attention will be paid to research techniques, using the computer to be able to process human speech. Research over different types of speech recognition (separate words and continuous speech recognition).

The final phase of the project would be to link the results of both laboratory and automation system to create the finished buildings - the brain, which control will not be limited only to the control panel or remote control of the whole system. The Harmony in the final version will allow full control of the building by means of conversation (conversation type of man - machine).