Source is a privately held IT company established in 1999 operating domestically in Miami FL, San Francisco CA, and Wilmington DE; and globally in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland and other CEE countries.

Since the beginning, we deliver tailor made enterprise software solutions for all kinds of business. With the years of ongoing growth we accomplished more than 500 projects for our middle and big size clients. A part of delivering high quality software's we organize and staff our It resources onsite and off-site in the Americas, EU and MEA.

It took years of expansion to achieve today’s recognition as a major IT player in Poland. Some of most important years were:

In 2003 Source started to develop software shelf products. Now there are many products ready to be implemented.

In 2007 Source established game development studio and started the engine and game development. 2010 was the first depute of our MMO game release issued from game development studio. We plan to further our development of games as the gaming industry is growing with every year.

Also in 2010 Source established R&D department where we have introduce our own BMS - building management system, now implemented in office buildings and apartment buildings. R&D continues its research in technologies such as mobile applications, Internet of Things (IoT), and secured Cloud.

Another millennial goal for Source in 2010 was the expansion of its operations and establishment of Source Group companies, affiliates and subsidiaries.

Each of the affiliates is specializing in different products, services, portals, payments, and mobile applications.

In summary Source Corp. companies deliver solutions in following areas:
- Software Engineering / Development and Software R&D
- Mobile development
- Support Service
- ITO and BPO Services
- Building Management Systems / Home Management Systems - design and implementation
- Booking portals
- Ticketing system and portals
- MMO Game development and international game publishing
- International payments
- Marketing SEO / SEM / Social Media development
- Startups funding

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Our offer includes analysis of company needs in regard to the use of IT systems, creation of complex IT system projects, implementation in accordance with own products and products of other companies, integration with other IT systems (e.g. CRM, SAP, ERP, SCADA) and maintenance and protection of the project. Source permanently improves suggested solutions - in order to meet 100% of the role entrusted to us in the construction of complex systems we base our work on innovative technologies, technical ideas and know-how. All of Source solutions made by our team are designed to facilitate activity and development of a company. First of all - systems should be profitable and be an optimal investment for a company. We adapt our projects to needs of an individual client and also to his requirements and existing standards.