Source International Corp. works in accordance with the principle of "equal work". We put emphasis on the knowledge of our employees and their skills. Gender, race, origin, religion or age are not determinants of employment and cooperation. We do not discriminate against women, people of other religions and the disabled. It was confirmed by the recruitment of women scientists and consultants from the Ukraine, Egypt, people with pronounced I-II class of disability, and membership in the Global Compact* organization with the promotion by the company of ten fundamental rules of human rights, labor standards and protection of the environment (which also will impact on sustainable development).

We do not omit the importance of increasing the participation of disabled people in the IT sector - this type of activity can be carried out remotely, from home. We cooperate with such persons, because indisposition does not constitute a barrier in the process of programming or the implementation of new IT solutions. Necessary equipment to support the work of such persons (large monitors, sound equipment, microphones, headphones, ergonomic chairs) is purchased when necessary from our own resources.

A more general IT is commonly associated with men. It is rare to see a women in IT sector. There are few, and their presence often surprises. Although we have the twenty-first century, many people still prefer the view that women are fit only for household work. The same is in the IT environment. However, there is more women in leading positions in large information corporations. It is the ladies - in view of suitability for the better predispositions - that are wanted as programmers and managers in the IT sector Also Source International Corp. adapts to the "women's" needs.

The creators of the principles for building information technology teams do not talk about gender perspective. Presumably this is due to incorrect sense of political correctness or fear of moving a difficult topic about the differences in the way of how women and men work. It is impossible to hide, however, that they exist.

The success of our company is subject to the teamwork of people with open minds and a high degree of knowledge that ready to take on the challenges regardless of the sex, or forms of employment.

In a further development we assume an increase in employment of women, because we are convinced that certain characteristics predispose women to work in project teams and support the need for employment of women in software business. We depend on women's regularity and care - an important characteristic in the work of this type.

*Global Compact is an initiative of the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, which is a call to the business to lead in its activities 10 basic principles of human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption. Global Compact promotes corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR).