Outsourcing and software developmnet in 6 parts of the world has been going on for more than 15 years.

Interview with Greg Okon CEO at Source Corp. about company history.

Source - How did it all begin?

Source Corp. establishment it's continuation of activities in computer science initiated in the 90's.

With the passage of time the company grew bigger and bigger, the first contracts with corporations began 15+ years ago with P&G. Since then we've acomplished many of them. At the same time we started providing information systems and outsourcing to companies such as GE, for their brand GE Money Bank.

Later, it was easier, we have developed a reputation and started to aquire customers thanks to our quality service and reliability. Satisfaction of our customers resulted flow of new orders from the market.

It's been ten years since founding of Source Corp., what are the plans for the next 10 years?

The last ten years in the Source Corp. were dedicated to production and systems integration, outsourcing, development and production of dedicated software. We created a lot of unique solutions, which improve the conditions and productivity at work for several hundred thousand people.

Using goverment funds we launched a laboratory of innovative technologies, where we are working on new solutions. Following the execution of projects, Source Corp. will obtain the Research and Development Center satus.

With its own R&D Center, innovative Source Corp. products will revolutionize our lives. Voice-controlled House, with its own artificial intelligence, and other related products are a combination of automation and artificial intelligence, computer science and electronics. I was always fascinated by the powerful, "minded" machines from Sci-Fi movies, which should facilitate the force of man and free him from unpleasant duties.

To sum up the next 10 years in the source will be marked by synergy of automation and high technology.

It sounds ambitious, but how do you want to achieve it?

We don't need a revolution for that, as the company is still prepared to do so, almost evolutionary. We started from the introduction of international work culture, where we use corporate ethics in the conduct of the projects.

Thanks to the presence in US and Europe, we have advantages in the provision of outsourcing, as the lack of difference in time, visa-free movement of workers. First of all, the quality of our work is unrivaled when compared to outsourcing from Asia.

What you don't like about your work?

I don't like to say to customers "no" - if a customer comes with the problem, which is sometimes hard to deal with, I know that it will not be easy but the customer will hear from me "yes"

Interview conducted by Luke Blackey for Manager Magazine.